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Honest Branding Co.

Our company was founded after a very candid conversation with a creative director over a beer. In short, the discussion was about our woes in trying to help our clients understand a brand is more then a photo, a product or an idea. It’s, honestly, as complex and multi-faceted as a human being with all of our peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, redeeming qualities and uniqueness. The greatest success in branding a company is when your customer already has a positive impression before you’ve ever had a contact point with them. Think of brands like Quicksilver & Vans or Starbucks and Wal-mart. Even if you aren’t intimately familiar with the company, it’s likely you have an impression about them. This is exactly what branding is about and it requires great content, impactful advertising and consistency to pull it all together.

At Honest Branding Co., we take the knowledge from experienced content creators and utilize it to not only create and refine your brand, but to implement a roadmap which allows the natural progression of your brand and attract your client.

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